Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 and a 1/2 men

2 and a half men is one of my favorite comedy's. It's one of the biggest comedy's on the air that shows how people can live with one rich person in the whole entire family. It's on CBS is one of the biggest U.S. commercial broadcasting networks and the new season addition is Ashton Kutcher who replaced Charlie Sheen. Ashton is the rich one now and charlies brother on the show thanks hes his brother. I consider this one of the best comedys on CBS as we speak. They already came out with 9 seasons of the T.V series.

Monday, December 19, 2011

j.cole vs lil wayne

lil wayne raps about constantly partying and getting as many girls as he wants. To me he is never really serious in his lyrics he's very provacative and just open he raps about whatever comes to mind. I dont think he really thinks about what he says its more about what sells for him than the meaning of his music thats why i think his music is more maintsream media.

J.cole is one of the best rappers out at least in my opinion.

His songs can relate to anybody i have been listening to him for about a year now and almost every song he has came out with i can sit down and say wow that sounds like something i have gone through. his music is meaningful and you can tell that he has put alot of thought into his lyrics and he isnt careless about it. Thats why i think his music his counterculture.

The similarities between j.cole and lil wayne are there both rappers and it seems they both have the same ambition as being big in the music industry and being someone well known. The difference between them are i feel like there goals and how there going to reach them are very different j.cole is trying to send a message with his lyrics were lil wayne just does this for fun.


I belive Axe Murder Boyz is a anti-mainstreme band. I listen to the song HONOR and i agree with 90% of it.

**It's like a time bomb, tickin' away at my brainReady to go off and end all my pain, but I can't complainFeelin' the stress, here to confess what I've done to be blessed Read the mind of congress, gonna put it to restMister John Doe we all knowWho you really be, pollutin' the minds of our cities, states, and countriesMakin' us vote and choke down the loss of our right to life I'd rather smoke another cigarette and know I'm gonna dieFightin' the freedom is to belive 'em when they lie about the reasonsWhy they blowin' up our cities and creating hurricane seasonsI see 'em freezing bank accounts of innocent people to keep The money flowin' to the 5-0 station down the streetAnd nothin' goes to mister broke and misses baby-to-feedTo the families snaked by presidents of greedBut if I say shit, I have a life that's hard to beA true speaker like Martin King or Bob MarleyIt's all honor.**

They were on Pyscopathic Records for a year.

Now i listin to a band or a song like that, that actuly has meaning and its sad when people are obsesed with crap like justin beiber or big time rush. My opnion on justin beiber is that hes smart for realising that a lot of little kids would be obsesed with him and that alot of people are stupid and belive everything the media sais. But i also belive that he just does everything his label tells him to do and that he actuly has no control. I know that 90% of big time rush is fake cause i was bord and watched there show and i was discusted they call this music real?? the band got a call they need to do a photo shoot and a music video and a guy came up to them and sed your wearing this stand over there and the guy told them what they wer going to be doing exactly in the music video.

They had no control at all so everything they said was just what the people in the desk behind them said, that is why i listin to real music under ground shit!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


The topic I am going to write about is Eminem. One way he is stylish is by the way he dresses and wears his clothes. Another way he can be stylish is by the way he raps. The example of how stylish he raps is the way he raps and the words he chosses to put into the song.

One song I have as a example is "Mockingbird" by Eminem where he is talking about both his daughters and how he wanted them to succeed in life but instead their houses were robbed by people. That is a example of a substance because it's realistic and when raps he talks about all the bad stuff hes done in the past but now that he's getting older he went into rehab and made a album called Recovery which was after he got help.

My opinion about Eminem on how he got famous is more substance because like I said before in his other songs he make sure he writes his lyrics and usually all of the other songs are things that happen in real life. He was raised in a ghetto neighborhood and he knows how to react to the things that happen to him.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Music = freedom

Glee is art because it's singing and all about expressing yourself through music and being able to be yourself weather your judged or not. But it does have other factors in it like school and real life teenage drama, but the business part of it is that they sing songs that most of the world has already heard and like, so whether you watch it for the first time or have watched from beginning to end you're able to some what enjoy it because you know the songs.

To me I get really emotional on this show because besides the music part of the show they deal with real life teenage issues and they don't sugar coat it. Like with having a gay couple (Kurt & Blaine) on the show they really get into showing the real life struggles of being a gay teen and for me it always hits a spot because this happens everyday in high schools.

Glee's style is different because it's kind of nerdy, but at the same time cool and it's more of just being free and instead of putting in your typical you're popular "I'm better than you" act they put in different types of people, overweight people, gay people , average people, cheerleaders and more. The meaning behind this show is you should be able to be you and achieve your goals no matter what and that singing isn't a weakness if anything it makes you stronger because you're able to sing whenever and wherever music is a form of freedom.

TwIzTiD serial killahs

The media I’m choosing to write about is a band called Twiztid, on Psychopathic Records. I believe them to be more art because the music is underground and they don’t talk about making money,its more about family and staying true to your beliefs and not letting mainstream media control everything. They also take on the persona of serial killers and relate to horror films.

I believe they have the perfect amount of art and business together. Everyone knows they make money so they don’t have to talk about it and they understand that. They know that majority of horror core fans are into horror movies to. The stuff they put out people can relate to.

I think Twiztid’s music is mostly pure art because its a underground label with out censorship and they are friends with the producer, and creator of the label. some times they takes things and put it into they’re own style such as horror movies or commodys like friday the 13th or cheech n chong.

Inspirational Art

I chose my media text to be a movie based on inspirational art. My media text is more artful because it's about a married woman (Jennifer Lopez) who is getting abused by her husband, he's trying to take full custody of their daughter and she's on the run and can't take the abuse anymore. She hires a trainer to teach her self defense. She takes revenge on her husband and she gets her daughter back.

The plot of the movie is inspirational knowledge towards women of all ages, shows to never let anyone over power you physically or mentally especially a man. Anyone who claims they love you but hurts you physically doesn't love their self and needs to put you do down to make them feel better because they get a kick at seeing you down. The main point in the movie was to show women that you're underestimated on the outside but powerful on the inside.

I feel like not many people have seen this movie because it's old, not really something teens would be interested in especially since it's not thriller, action, or a comedy movie which usually attracts the attention of my age crowd. I feel that if I recommended it to girls my age they would like the movie just as much as I did, because it makes us as females look good and feel good about our selves.

From Rags to Riches

Eminem used to be more business fueled because when he first started out in the game he was poor and at that time cared about getting money more for his own family and especially his daughter, but now he that he has the wealth he's still doing music and hes doing it more for the art then the money because he enjoys doing it and he isn't worrying about money so much anymore.

I think money is a big influence behind it but I also think if you have a passion for it, it can also play a big role in creating a work of art. So I think if you enjoy getting paid to do what you love it can be a big work of art. So when he was poor at the time he got into the industry and he already had a job so he can provide for his family, but now he does it just for the fun of it.

How Marshall Mathers got into the industry was that Dr Dre had ended up finding one of Eminems old Eps on the floor of his office and he ended up listening to it and wanting to find Eminem. Once they were able to get a hold of each other, Eminem flew down to L.A for a couple of months and they started working on the Slim Shady Lp and after Eminem's first music video ("My Name Is") he ended up going mainstream.

Nicki Minaj makes that money!

Super Base is one of Nicki Minaj songs one of my favorite. lol. She made this song and looks fine as hell in it which gets male viewers, then the song targets girls and in the video has males in it which all my home girls say look good. Nicki Minaj has some of the best flows but she uses her talent and her beauty to make money, nothing wrong with that!

I think that if all of her songs didn't have money to deal with it and raps about how she is or feels, she would produce more art then business! But how she looks and the video is designed and her dancing makes it art. Nicki Minaj is a beast. In no way Nicki Minaj makes her songs pure art because all she has is money on her mind, makes music for money, looks good for money, money changes her looks.

She is one of my favorite artist, so talented. I don't care that she uses her music to make money. with out her and other people like her we would not have entertainment and she influences other girls to rap not just guys. I've seen a girl rap battle my homie and he is too cold when he flows and this girl made him silent, More girls should start rapping they would change the rap game.

Monday, October 17, 2011

psychopathic records

Psychopathic records is the record company that promotes my favorite bands , ICP(insane clown posse),ABK(anybody killa),Blaze ya dead homie,Boondox,Twiztid and the Dayton family.

they have ben around since. The label was founded in 1991 by Alex Abbiss and hip hop group InsaneClown Posse. Besides merchindise, Video,and prefenshinal wrestling , Psychopathic runs its own manufacturing and distribution operations for merchandise, managing nearly 30 full-time employees. The label produces an average 10 million$ in revenue per year, and has been continuously producing well since its creation.

Psychopathic records is also known as The Hatchet, is an American independint record company based in Farmington hills Michgigan.